Welcome to Awaken Spirit. As a spiritual life coach it is my personal mission to help others to discover empowerment through embracing their own inner divine spirit.

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Our ambassador for the Spiritual Warrior Tribe – Ibutho the Southern White Rhino
a sample of the Beauty and the Beast oracle deck

You can now find my new oracle deck “Beauty and the Beast”, a twin flame and romance style deck featuring my own photography for purchase here

My Services

I offer a wide variety of readings ranging from twin flame readings, career readings to past life readings.

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My Story

My name is Elizabeth and I am a modern day Australian green witch trying to make my way in this fast paced world and follow my own spiritual path. I have been on this path since I was a child and have been working with witchcraft, aromatherapy, tarot, crystals, yoga, natural and energy healing my whole life. I have qualifications in many of these avenues and I am always seeking to further my knowledge. My practice is influenced by nature and the seasons and I have always felt that through nature we can find the deepest healing, spiritual truths, wisdom and pure joy, though it is not always easy to get outside into the natural world nowadays and many of us can feel lost as to where to begin our journey to healing and enlightenment and that is where sacred tools and knowledge from others who have walked this path already, such as myself, can help.

Through many years of trial and error I finally found my true path, living a life that honours my soul and through this awakening I realised that I could help others on their own journey. So through the many different avenues I have used myself – nature, aromatherapy, tarot, energy healing, crystals, spiritual life coaching, yoga and holistic healing just to name a few, I aim to provide guidance and demystify the spiritual path to make it accessible for everyone so they too can experience an awakening of their own.

This is how Awaken Spirit was born, this business is my way of sharing the magic of this life with its ups and downs and the deep spiritual wisdom I have found and in turn be able to help guide others along this journey of the soul. I am not here to tell you I hold all the answers because I do not, I am here to be the light that helps guide you to finding your own answers and offer inspiration and support along the way. I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me and if I can help just one person on their journey back to themselves, my job is done.

much love,

Elizabeth xx

Awaken Spirit

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*Disclaimer: Please note that I am required to state by law that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. This does not mean I do not take the utmost care with each and every reading because I do. Each and every client is important to me and I take what I do very seriously.

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